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What it takes to be great at golf, fore your son or daughter!!

Take it from me I have some experience on what it takes to be a great junior golfer, as I was one, I raised one, and I have coached many! So here are some ideas in regards to raising a great golfer!!

1. Greatness takes time…yes it does believe it or not you may want your kid to be great but it takes time, hard work, dedication, and love of the game to be rule #1 BE PATIENT!!

2. Create a Goal…and not a goal to beat johnny or win an event but a goal of continued improvement on your way to greatness..rule #2 create short term, intermediate, and long term goals that are attainable!

3. Follow a Road Map…create a timeline and a process on how to improve. Be specific in regards to how and what to practice, how and what to play in and always schedule some much needed rest, it refreshes ones desires…rule #3 get a map of practice, play, and tournament play!

4. Get a Plan…planning our your child’s success (with them of course) is so important to achieving ones goals, and don’t forget to embrace the journey because you only get one chance….rule #4 plan together as a team!

5. Seek professional help from a qualified professional…meaning just because the Smith’s did it this way does not mean that is best for your child….always do things together with your child that way they will be held responsible for there actions…rule #5 it takes a village – we all need support find someone who really cares!

Embrace the process…and realize it has many ups and downs…having your child be the #1 player as a 10 year old only stresses them out and as I say “there is only one way to go, once you reached the top!”